Software index
AJAX-Training [visit]
Brief introduction to AJAX (one hour training session)
AVI_YUV [visit]
Translate YUV 4.2.2. to 4.2.0; Get the MSE error or the psne (db) error rating; transmit RGB avis (24-bit) to raw yuv or rgb (stream copy); transmit BGR avis (24-bit) to raw yuv or rgb (stream copy); time operations to a microsecond using a PERL script, detect the innards of any AVI file (how many streams it has, what are the streams made of) produce a composite black and white error image from the Y stream of a dumped frame of two supposed-to-be identical movies (typically done to isolate differences pre-and-post compression)
AVR [visit]
This is the compiler and setup for AVR 168 (so for example Arduino) under Slackware 10.2. Untar it in your home directory - it will expand into directory '~/local/'. Instructions for building this yourself are available.
Accented_Slackware [visit]
Accented Slackware: Ways and means of enabling your Slackware Linux 9.1 with the latest in basic Japanese support.
CD-Ripper [visit]
Simple CD ripping BASH script. Requires id3tag, cdparanoia and lame. Could easily be forced to use oggenc or similar.
CellSorting [visit]
Monte Carlo cell sorting using an extended Potts model - my final year project for a Master's degree in physics. Executed entirely in Java, it has a natty little graphical interface and an amusing shockwave flash file associated with it (produced in PHP from the output files) that shows cells sorting through surface adhesion only.
CommunityStarterKit [visit]
Here are modules and similar, written in c# .net and designed principally for use with the community starter kit. Read on...
Documentation [visit]
Documentation: DJBdns install guide (from 2001).
GermanAbbreviationHLP [visit]
This is a Microsoft compiled help file containing a lot of German abbreviations organised roughly into category and configured to allow you to search for a particular term.
HTMLExtract [visit]
This is a little Perl module to allow you to get text out of HTML files and onto stdin. Consider security issues when piping!!
Hiragana_Katakana [visit]
Hiragana/katakana 'No Clever Keyboard Input Available On This Box So I Wrote One' program, in Javascript with CSS2. It now also includes basic kanji support - try typing 'east' into the romanji input box, for example. This is what happens when I get bored... Disclaimer: it will not work if your unicode support is less than fantastically complete; it may not work for a variety of other reasons up to and including programmer failure. In the event of failure, pox, or death due to badly programmed katakana authorship devices, please address all complaints to Michael Moore, who will be glad to send Crackers, the Corporate Crime Chicken, around to arrest my legal entity.
Html-pdf [visit]
No README available: tried ./Html-pdf/README
Incomplete [visit]
Not an awful lot in here, basically intended as a place to store incomplete programs (no kidding)
KzintiClock [visit]
KzintiClock v1.0: A Windows port of the wmKzinti Windowmaker applet available elsewhere on the site. For my father, who wanted to tell time by octal scratches on a Kzinti clockface.
Linux-Tutorial [visit]
This is a Linux tutorial first used for internal training at UKOLN in Nov 2006. Very much a work in progress.
PLPtools [visit]
An apparently functional update of PLPtools for Linux (compiles with GCC 3). Unfortunately there have been no "real" releases of this package since 2003, and Sourceforge cvs is too flakey to simply build the cvs version... so I'm forking it, and leaving it here. No guarantees, no fish, and no particular place to go.
QueryBuilder [visit]
QueryBuilder - a recursive tokenizer. With quotes. In Perl (there's a java version also)
Small_Things [visit]
Smaller projects
SpanishVerbConjug-Windows [visit]
A Spanish verb conjugation program for Windows. Requires the MFC libraries, statically linked into the newer binaries: also requires the MSXML dll for full functionality. Older versions are available from the subdirectories on the site, the new version now being presented here as an MSI installable package.
TagCloud [visit]
No README available: tried ./TagCloud/README
VariousDotNetBits [visit]
Various dot net bits, left over from teaching and so on.
Page Retrieving console based script
XML Schema Validator, console
Basic dictionary, with GUI (Needs an sql backend server)
Also, a telnet interface (to connect to a dict server).
WAV_file_manipulation [visit]
A small program or two to extract audio data from WAV files and, well, let you do mean square error on it. Comes in handy as a rough and ready guide to audio distortion.
Wizard-Toolkit [visit]
A Choose Your Own Adventure written in XML, with a ridiculously primitive PHP parser compatible with practically any version of PHP since the dot com boom.
Wordpress_Plugins [visit]
Wordpress plugins for fun and profit
Yahoo_tools [visit]
This is a demonstrator using the Yahoo! Term extractor. Cute.
fsphpAdmin [visit]
Password-protected administration script designed to work on top of the fsphpgallery software. Allows a variety of admin tasks to be completed by GUI.
iPAQ_Pub_DB [visit]

This database exists for the Compaq iPAQ pocketpc running the IIS web server + ASP & Pocket SQLServer. It is somewhat inspired by this excellent page, although you will perhaps notice that the example on the nnsysdev pages uses JavaScript to talk to the db. This no longer works on the iPAQ, since Microsoft took the time to kindly disable this functionality on the principle that somebody might create havoc with it.

This database includes an upload page for a web service, which simply receives the resulting pub database string via a HTTP post. This code will hopefully make it onto the page as and when.

The associated lectures are now posted here in the original Powerpoint (warning, however, at the moment they are only in German!) ;-)

ignore [visit]
No README available: tried ./ignore/README
php_indexing [visit]
The software index itself is just a PHP script that lists the subdirectories and includes a few files as and when required. Its source code is available here.
twiki-mediawiki-migrate [visit]
Give it a twiki page, it'll screenscrape for the twiki source and then will apply a few simple regexps to get it into moderately tolerable mediawiki markup, which you can then cut and paste into mediawiki.