IPaq database developed to teach about web services
Em Tonkin

In order to teach about web services, I figured it was best to look for something a bit different, particularly something that gives one an idea of the use of these technologies in a heterogenous environment. So I chose to take four IPAQs, install a mini-IIS server on them as well as an ASP layer, and ask the students to develop a working web application on the IPAQs that allows the user to input data, and provides them to the 'Kneipenführer' - Pub Guide - web service via HTTP Post. Then the students were asked to visit a few pubs and populate the database!

Preview image:
Praktikum scenario
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About this:
The work represented here is entirely my own except that credited to nnsysdev.

Copyright :
This is provided purely in the hope that it might prove useful to somebody and no guarantee of any kind is provided. That said, feel free to distribute the source.

Download: Readme, Powerpoint slides, Example code.