Spanish Verb Conjugator
Em Tonkin

Spanish verb conjugations aren't the easiest things to remember, but help is at hand - this little program will conjugate regular and many irregular verbs for you, as well as allowing you to perform reverse conjugation (provide a conjugated verb, and get an infinitive and the English meaning). The Spanish Verb conjugator has been tested on Windows 2000 and ME. 

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About this app:
This app is entirely my own work and is copyright 2004. 

Copyright :
All work I contributed on this is copyleft. This means you may redistribute the MSI, provided you leave copyright notices intact and give credit where due. 

Download: Spanish verb conjugator

More about this app:

Not all of the irregular verbs included in the XML listing have been explicitly added to the program, and may therefore be treated as regular verbs by the conjugator. If you come across one of these, please drop me a line. No guarantee is provided beyond the simple statement that I myself as a Spanish learner have found the program useful.

If you wish to request features, please first check the TODO list and check that the feature is not already represented, then contact me. Check the changelog for progress. Previous versions available here, here and here.