ls2 - White terminal, white ls-colors?

ls --color=none $@

Beep-free emacs - Scroll-button mouse plus emacs producing annoying beeps?

Open a new Emacs buffer. Type the following:

(setq visible-bell t) 
Then evaluate the buffer by typing C-x e

Quiet system bell - tones down the default beep.

Put this in your /etc/profile.

echo -e "\33[10;50]\33[11;10]"

APMD status outside X - display battery status in command prompt

PROMPT_COMMAND="PS1=\"\[\033[1;34m\]\$(echo \$(apm) | sed s/AC\ on\-line\:\ /\[AC\]\ /g | sed s/AC\ off\-line\,\ battery\ charging\:\ /\[BATT\]\ /g | sed s/\ \(.*\)//g) \$(date +%H:%M) \u@\H:\w # \[\033[0m\] \""