customised version - file listing, minus bugs V.0.2 - file listing in Perl

This is just a simple perl script for listing of various files in an HTML formatted list, which supports doing internal samba-style //whatever/, nfs-like whatever:/ or indeed whatever else makes you happy, and of course external style URLS. It's really quite basic but might be useful.

Cretinous as it sounds to actually to have to specify the licence under which a hundred-line script is released, here is my declaration that it's GPL'd, meaning that anybody who thought they were going to have to pay me for this software will be disappointed (but don't let me dissuade you). Furthermore, making money out of versions of this software without releasing the additions to me is also Naughty, and should be punished. With, err, a whack in the teeth with a wet kipper. I have it ready, and I ain't joking.

Em Tonkin