Software index
AllYourBase [visit]
All Your Bases Are Belong To Microsoft Visual C++! MFC libs required!
CSV-Tools [visit]
Tab-separated CSV analysis tools. I seem to spend a lot of time playing with tab-separated CSV files.
Cherrybot [visit]
CherryBot A small IRC bot capable of parsing xml headlines from Slashdot, amongst other things.
DupeSeeking_Python [visit]
This script seeks dupes and informs you when it finds them. The result of finally deciding to learn Python.
FileList [visit]
FileList - a little application/script in perl designed simply for the listing of large numbers of files, along with URIs, either in the 'a href' form or as Windows-style network links. Basically an easy wrapper for 'find'.
Folksonomies [visit]
Here's a screen scraping perl script for, which gets a list of usernames, and another which takes the username list and uses it to screen scrape a list of the users' tags. It then stores them in a tag separated table format.
GoogleDefine [visit]
A small Perl script that retrieves a Google search for define:whatever and displays the results. Do not abuse...
Handy_Oneliners [visit]
These are fairly useful one-line style scripts that have evolved over time.
JSWordWrap [visit]
Word wrap written in JavaScript. It operates on any element you may wish to give it but probably is most useful if you wrap text you expect to be a problem in a SPAN element, or in the case of long URLs in an A HREF. You tell it what to operate on using an onLoad (see example). It's ok but doesn't know anything about font metrics, so it's of limited use, but it is at least better than Firefox's charming 'problem' with word wrap (current as of Aug 2006).
LinPQA [visit]
LinPQA doesn't seem to compile any more. So I looked, and discovered the header files needed fixing. This version compiles for me. YMMV.
Obfuscated_code [visit]
Obfuscated code is always fun, and this page just has a little code I wrote in one or two intentionally obfuscated languages.
PHPascal [visit]
Pascal's triangle PHP script. Displays a Pascal's triangle, and colours in those numbers that divide cleanly by whatever divisor you choose to set. I enjoy playing with it.
Perl_games [visit]
Simple examples of various techniques in Perl (passing arrays by reference, object-oriented code).
RFCIndexer [visit]
RFC indexer; RFCs tend to come with a very large text file as index. This very, very short perl script just turns it into HTML. But it's quite handy if you happen to have an urge to mirror them locally/keep an online library/whatever.
RSS2PQA [visit]
RSS2PQA: a shell script and a couple of perl scripts. Together, they download RSS files, format them to HTML, build up a little index and turn the results into a PQA 'web clipping' for the Palm - a sort of baby web application if you will. This works on Palms up to OS 4 - OS 5 does not accept web clippings, being too good for that sort of thing.
RSS_Widget [visit]
RSS reading and display widget in PHP. Comes with a news page to demonstrate its use. It has undergone several alterations to help its robustness in the face of malformed RSS.
Smiley_Language [visit]
A ridiculously maldesigned partial excuse for a scripting language-ette
XChat_Antispam [visit]
This is an xchat script called BLOCKER that blocks according to rules you give it. It's quite handy for those long nights on IRC when the spammers just won't go away. It's my opinion that great as synchronous chat is, there's something terribly wrong with being asked every five minutes if you'd like to go spend an afternoon on a Russian FTP site watching, ahem, young ladies gain experience. Cough.
arbitrary_line_wrapping [visit]
Here's a little PHP script asked for by Chris, which just, well, astonishingly it wraps lines. It has a few rough edges, not surprisingly, but generally it works. I'll fix the loose ends when I get round to it. There's no particular reason for this one.
check_archives [visit]
This short Bash script simply takes all the files from a directory, looks for their extensions, and checks those that are known archive extensions (that means rar, zip and gz at this time). It's useful to check integrity on old backup cds and that sort of thing.
djbdns_dhcp [visit]
This is a perl script/package (DNSparser) designed to read dhcp output files from Windows and from dhcpd for Unix and to produce viable djbdns output files. It can also force tinydns (djbdns' server) to remake its database, thus producing a dynamic service. It has basic error checking and is generally rather useful if you're in the position of wanting to administrate a dynamic network, and also supports having a semi-dynamic semi-statically defined network.