Japanese Authoring Web App
Em Tonkin

A rather inexplicable web application designed to help one write Japanese online. It was basically written in order to allow me to get my homework done on any unicode-capable browser, which might strike some as overkill. Warning: to use this app you will require a functional unicode font. I suggest arieluni.ttf, which I am unable to distribute for copyright reasons but which Microsoft has offered for some time now and is certainly available elsewhere.

Preview image:
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About this app:
This app is entirely my own work and is copyright 2003. 

Copyright :
All work I contributed on this is copyleft. This means you may play with the source code as much as you like and copy whatever is useful. However, I have not yet created a distribution of this product.

Test: Hiragana web app

More about this app:

The application has several input modes and a save/load procedure. One can insert text by directly clicking on hiragana or katakana symbols or by typing syllables directly into a romanji input box. It also knows some kanji, which one can access by, for example, typing "east" into the input box.